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         The piercing rays of the sun reflected on the white of the mountains and illuminating with their warmth the chalets, the paragliders that get lost in a blue sky, the skiers who split the slopes, the buzzing of the snow that crunches, the smell of mulled wine at the foot of the chairlift…

These impressions are those of my childhood. Those of a kid born in the middle of the Alps, in the heart of a resort of the Portes du Soleil. Over the years, to pay tribute to these panoramas that rocked my youth, I began to tell them in pictures to share them with you. Symbol of my passion for the image for several years, I created Oprim-media is an audiovisual company, specialized in video, but not only.


Through my work on the image, I transcribe the effervescence that invades me when I walk in the mountains. The desire for freedom, the desire to surpass oneself, the change of scenery… Essential emotions to blossom and which allowed me to complete my project.


With Oprim-media, each project we carry out is unique and mobilizes our creativity.


For several years now, outdoor sports have attracted more and more people, from curious beginners to experienced enthusiasts. Through likes, retweets, sharing or comments, social networks have become a showcase for these sports, sometimes extreme, combining physical effort and sumptuous scenery.


Treks, highline, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing or road trips…. We are honoured to be able to participate in these projects and to work on other disciplines that electrify crowds around the world, such as wingsuit and basejump. Videos of these extreme sports are seen and shared thousands of times on social networks, for the adrenaline they provide and the beauty of the landscapes they capture.