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Nature :

An end of the day with a dark and very cloudy sky. Batiste and I just wanted to stretch our legs. And take advantage of these moments of calm in the middle of the mountains, to take out the camera and film this particular atmosphere.

The mountains have put on a different costume, the fog and mists dress her in a soft, cold coat, while the deciduous trees are beginning to lose their ornaments on the ground.

Autumn is not sad, it is a time of rest, of appeasement. The calm is back in the mountains, the fresh wind is starting to blow, and the animals are preparing for winter.

Mont de Grange, a mountain overlooking the village of Châtel with a good altitude difference and a magnificent view at the top. It was interesting to film this climb and this moment from sunset to the summit. The atmosphere and colours give a cinematic rendering to this video. Unfortunately, the wind was far too strong to take aerial pictures.

Les Hauts Forts, the highest peak in the Chablais region. One of the most beautiful views of this region! That evening, all the conditions were ideal, an absolutely splendid sunset with very pronounced orange and red colours, a clear night where the stars made us a spectacle, revealing perfectly the Milky Way. The awakening with this 360° clear view allowed us to admire the surrounding mountains for coffee time.

The Cirque du Fer à Cheval, in the Samoëns valley, a protected place where you can discover landscapes mixing waterfalls, mountains, and for the lucky ones, a very varied fauna.

This spring morning, after the heavy winter rains, the torrents and waterfalls were well loaded with water, making the video shots more impressive.

Hiking and overnight camping on one of the Chablais mountains, Nantaux.

Realization made for the tourist office of Morzine.