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We are in Russia, in Kamchatka. It is a peninsula of Siberia, totally in the North-East of Russia.
It’s a magnificent place, with its large virgin expanses, without any civilization. Just thousands of bears and probably other animals.
The landscapes are fabulous, between volcanoes, endless valleys and the Pacific Ocean.
I hope to be able to go back there one day!

Wingsuit with Christophe Tricou, Antoine Tricou, Pacome Schmitt

Theft carried out for the clothing brand 11°

A day of skiing particularly loaded with fresh snow. Something to have fun in the forest and capture some images of this white gold.

Ski session at the Portes du Soleil with 2 world tour freeride athletes, Hank Bilous and Oscar Mandin.

« Rightful Mountain », a video project combining visual creation and freeskiing. It is a sensory immersion in the heart of a unique universe, when nature offers us peace while modernity is in full swing. In this project we are committed to making freeskiing a real artistic discipline. Let yourself be immersed in this dark and strange atmosphere, made up of the playgrounds of two quidams in full correlation, between visual art and body art.

With the freestyler, Leon Libossart.

Highline is a discipline that consists of moving on a slackline stretched in height.

We are at the Cascade d’Ardent, with Thomas, on a 130m highline.

Take advantage of the sunset to have no one on the slopes and enjoy the last glimmers of the sun. This is Clément’s favourite moment on this track of the Portes du Soleil.

Rain is not an obstacle for the most motivated.

Dark atmosphere, and desaturated colours, a good mix for a cinematic effect.