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I dreamed of seeing deserts, and it is in Iran that I discover for the first time. This journey has truly been one of great richness and diversity. The beauty of the landscapes are exceptional, the history and the culture is millenary, and above all, the people are of an incredible kindness!

Siberia, Baikal, Kamtchatka, Russia… little-known names which always raise some questions, and refer to some clichés.
POTCHEMU, « why » in Russian, is the story of a group of friends who travel with their skis through these vast, cold and snowy regions, to explore these remote and unexpected mountains. More than a ski movie, this is the tale of a different life experience and the creation of an amazing friendship thanks to the sharing of the same passion.

We are in Russia, in Kamchatka. It is a peninsula of Siberia, totally in the North-East of Russia.
It is a magnificent place, with its large virgin expanses, without any civilization. Just thousands of bears and probably other animals.
The landscapes are fabulous, between volcanoes, endless valleys and the Pacific Ocean.
I hope to be able to go back there one day!